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Update on October 30, 2023 (4 months ago)

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Note: Follow the whole tutorial, then you can shop with real money for free.

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Welcome to the fantasy world full of zombies in Sniper Zombies MOD APK. The game will provide you with dozens of shooting weapons to help you confront the ferocious zombies. However, you will need money to buy them. With Sniper Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version, you won’t need to worry about money anymore.


Shooting action games almost never cool down in the gaming community. Game manufacturers are increasingly improving variety and variations to make this genre more attractive. If you are looking for a shooting action game with a zombie theme, the game that I recommend below will probably make you satisfied. That is Sniper Zombies – The game from the publisher VNG Game Studios. Are you ready to pick up your gun to kill all the fierce zombies?


One of the things that makes Sniper Zombies special compared to other shooting games is giving players a new mechanism. The ADS mechanism in Sniper Zombies is a great combination of manual and automatic shooting so that the player gets maximum support and can aim accurately even at distant locations.


Your main goal in Sniper Zombies is to find ways to destroy as many zombies as possible. In this devastating disaster, you are not alone. There will be other teammates standing by your side in this difficult campaign. So when fighting, you not only have to focus on killing zombies but also have to help protect the lives of your teammates. Be calm and bring the gun barrel and aim accurately. The more you participate in battles with the undead, the more your shooting and survival skills will be cultivated. Soon you will become the best sniper in Sniper Zombies.

Zombies in Sniper Zombies often appear scattered throughout the city. It means that wherever you go, there is danger. Caution and extreme vigilance will be the factors that help you survive until the end of the game. Just a minute of inattention, a zombie rushing to bite you is GAME OVER.


Join Sniper Zombies, players will be provided with a variety of heavy shooting weapons to destroy zombies. Every time you complete the task that Sniper Zombies sets out, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards. Most of them are beneficial rewards to upgrade gun stats to be better. Each gun will have many different states (eg damage index, recoil reduction, …). Depending on your shooting strategy, you will increase your stats in the most reasonable way.


Sniper Zombies opens a deadly city where civilization is on the verge of collapse before the powerful attack of the horrid undead. The map that Sniper Zombies is large, is simulated in detail with many realistic scenes. There are many buildings, public facilities, factories, workshops, docks, squares,… just like a real city. Many new secret locations are regularly updated by the developer to help players never get bored and increase the richness of resources. This helps increase the gamer’s experience when participating in Sniper Zombies.


It can be said that VNG GAME STUDIOS is doing very well in simulating a post-apocalyptic city. The atmosphere is dark and creepy like in a horror movie, and the 3D image clarity is amazingly realistic. You can see that the developer put a lot of effort into Sniper Zombies when every image is carefully cared for, including the smallest details such as an abandoned car on the road, the weeds in the area. sidewalk, ..v Especially, the zombie shaping in Sniper Zombies are very invested. When you look at them, you can immediately think of them as the residents living in this city who were unfortunately turned into zombies. What a sophisticated game publisher.

Because it is a game released on mobile devices, Sniper Zombies is designed with a simple control system. Helps users still experience the feeling of shooting a voyeuristic but not too complicated. The sound in Sniper Zombies is a plus point to increase the attraction. Surely you have also had a heart attack when you heard the sound of the zombies roaming around, or felt refreshed when you heard the crisp sound of bullets hitting the monsters in the distance,… With all the features and characteristics. Highlights that Sniper Zombies brings to you, surely when you join you will be immersed in endless refreshing zombie-killing battles.

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