DEAD TARGET MOD APK v4.120.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Update on November 26, 2023 (1 week ago)


DEAD TARGET MOD APK v4.120.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Update on November 26, 2023 (1 week ago)

Menu Info?

1. MOD MENU // Remember to allow overlay/draw over other apps permission on android 6 and higher.
2. Unlimited Gold
3. Unlimited Cash
4. Unlimited Red Diamonds
5. Unlimited Ammo
6. Unlimited Grenades
7. Unlimited Med Kits

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Menu, Unlimited Money/Ammo

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Download DEAD TARGET MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android to using a modern weapon system to destroy all types of monsters. DEAD TARGET opens the door for players to join the fight against the MZ organization. This is the largest criminal organization on the planet. They broke the pact and attacked the humans. Set in the outbreak of World War 3. Players will take on the role of a defense leader. Fight to destroy those traitors. When entering the game, the player will start the journey as a private. To go to higher ranks. Players need to win matches. Complete the mission to be given. Defeat all of the undead armies. The MZ is one of the most aggressive and aggressive armies in the world. The battle between you and this organization will be a tough one, extremely fierce. You will not have the help of teammates. Fight by yourself, destroy all monsters.

DEAD TARGET MOD APK – War to destroy zombies

The challenges in DEAD TARGET are endless. Different levels for you to conquer. Each screen has a security lock. If you want to unlock those levels. No other way. Players will have to pass all previous levels. Conquer all challenges. New levels will automatically open for you to experience. Try to survive, survive until the last moment. The number of monsters over time will increase more and more. If you don’t want to be chased by a bunch of zombies, then completely destroy each stage. Wherever the monsters go, they die. Only then will victory come easily to you. Accompanying you will be a girl named M. She has no ability to attack enemies. But strange helps you a lot. Lead your way to the right places where monsters are gathering.

Your mission

When transforming into a soldier in the game. You will carry on your mission to protect the peace for mankind. This is an extremely noble mission, the responsibility is not small at all. At the initial levels, you will not have many rewards when completing the mission. Need to overcome 4 challenging missions of the game. Then new missions will bring you a lot of valuable rewards. I could name quests most players would have to overcome. Kill 150 undead, destroy a boulder, kill poisonous spiders… Each mission will have its own difficulty level. The more difficult the mission, the higher the reward for completing it. Try to complete all the assigned missions.


Combat weapons in this gameplay are not really diverse. The number of weapons you can own can only be counted on your fingers. In every match. You won’t be able to carry your favorite weapons. All will be randomly sorted. This random arrangement of weapons will bring more interesting things to players. Because you will not know in advance what weapon you will receive. Maybe in the previous game, you got a weak weapon. But who knows when coming to a new battle. Luck comes and you will get legendary weapons. All weapons in DEAD TARGET are very powerful, with great destructive power. Tesla Gun, MGL-140, Sound Breaker, McMillan CS5… For these legendary weapons. Just pull the trigger and the monsters will be blown up.

Character equipment

During the battle, your character needs to be equipped with some weapons to serve the battle journey. Some necessary equipment for urgent situations can be mentioned as Grenades, unlimited ammo within 5s, quick scrapers… Depending on the situation of the match, you can use it. This equipment is the most suitable. In each match, you can only carry a certain number of bullets. Consider bringing the most essential. With the unlimited money mod feature, you can buy all the equipment completely for free. The experience will be much more attractive and interesting.

Play as a soldier fighting for the peace of the nation. But in fact, you are playing the role of a hero who saves the world from the control of the MZ organization. The enemy’s force is very large when confronting head-on. Surely you will be defeated by them immediately. Need to plan a specific battle, defeat every monster stronghold. Bring peace to the green world.

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