Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD APK is an action role-playing game released by Ubisoft. Discover the mysterious land of Italy through the eyes of Assassin. Players immerse into an assassin on their way to find what was lost and unravel the epic mystery of The Crows.

Overview information

PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
MOD FeaturesMOD Easy Game
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Introducing Assassin’s Creed Identity


Assassin’s Brotherhood is an organization specialized in assassinations. Established with members with combat skills, sneaky, and the ability to move maneuver on many different terrains. It was originally founded by assassins during the Crusades in the Middle East. This is an anarchist organization, operating with the main goal of achieving peace. In which human freedom is put on top.

Members of this gang are often hidden under the various covers. In order to protect their civil rights. They continued to operate quietly through many different historical periods and gradually its activities spread throughout the world.

Templars were formed by knights who took part in conquering the sacred land of Jerusalem during the Crusades. Throughout history, Templar members hid in the form of rulers of the country, government, military, and large corporations.

Their goal is to achieve peace through order and discipline. Therefore, this organization often imposes tough measures on society to realize a peaceful and orderly world. Gradually, the network of Crusaders is said to have spread throughout the world powers. From the time of Templar formation to the modern era.


Assassin’s Creed Identity takes players on the adventure of Assassin. Participating in role-playing action scenes contains elements of violence. The game takes players to the Italian renaissance. Complete dozens of missions the game offers to track down those who stole the coffer. At the same time unravel the epic mystery of The Crows.

In the game, players can perform actions such as climbing, jumping on houses. By running towards walls, hills to be able to climb. While fighting, players can attack, block attacks, use skills, or exit the fight. However, some skills cannot be used in combat and escape battles. Players will have to gain more experience through the mission system set by the game. Therefore, no matter which class you choose, you still have the right to use a variety of skills. Developed through the process of accumulating experience and leveling up as a real immersive product.

Simple control mechanism

The control mechanism in the game is very simple. Players just need to touch and swipe on the touch screen to move. Attack enemies with the buttons available at the bottom of the screen. You can use Hidden Blade to take down enemies silently. Or can use melee skills if detected. However, Assassin will always be sneakily attacked by some of Templar’s enemies. During the battle, the player can also summon from the help of his heirs. Depending on the class, there is a skill and passive upgrade. If the player uses the skills of the passerby, then the passive upgrade will be disabled.


In Assassin’s Creed Identity, players can customize the Assassin character. There are 4 character classes: Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster, and Thief. Each character class has its own battle skills and privileges.


Assassin’s Creed Identity graphics are truly outstanding when designed in detailed 3D. Recreate Italy’s renaissance at that time. Every detail in the game is designed honestly from person to landscape. Even the rule of day and night is taken care of no less than on PC / Console. The sound of the game is also rated at a good level. From the sounds of swords coming into contact, or the cry of a character.

Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD APK version

In the game, Assassin will be surreptitiously attacked by a number of Templar enemies. The difficulty of the game is constantly increasing so we want to provide the MOD APK version to make it easier for players to play against enemies.

MOD feature

  • Play the easy game, participate in the battle in which you are immortal.


Overall, Assassin’s Creed Identity still receives compliments from the gaming community. However, some minor bugs still appear in the game. Of course, nothing is perfect, even in the game. Anyway, only downloading and experiencing it for you can feel all the fun that the game has to offer.

Ready to download Assassin’s Creed Identity MOD APK

If you want to experience a modified version of Assassin’s Creed Identity, you’ve found the right place. However, MOD games have not been officially released. So, through the website, we want to give players a new experience. First of all, you need to delete the original version installed from Google Play. Choose yourself a link and click the Download button now.