Rainbow Six Mobile
Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile APK v0.2.1

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About Rainbow Six Mobile APK

Experience now the mobile version of a famous title – Rainbow Six Mobile APK. Shooting action game that those who are passionate about this genre certainly cannot be ignored. In the game, you play as special agents, participate in combat battles and complete assigned tasks. The battles will be very intense between your team and the enemy. Since working in a team, everyone needs to work together, otherwise you will most likely lose. This is just a test version of the publisher Ubisoft Entertainment, they promise to continue to update and improve more features. Download and be the first players of this fascinating game. Our APK version will provide full features.

Rainbow Six Mobile

Diverse quest system

For a special agent soldier, there will be a lot of tasks that you have to perform. Rainbow Six Mobile will in turn give you the full experience such as infiltrating the enemy’s base to steal data, destroy the safes or protect your base when the enemy invades. In each match, the two teams take on the offensive and defensive sides, respectively. The attacking team needs to do whatever it takes to infiltrate and destroy the enemy base, taking out all the minions. The defensive team needs to protect the base, the secret places, the arsenal and at the same time take down the enemy.

Rainbow Six Mobile

Coordinate with your teammates

Each team will have 6 participants, which can be randomly matched or teamed up with your friends. Rainbow Six Mobile offers a system of 20 characters, each character has 5 different upgrade levels. Players can choose their own characters, but some characters will be locked and unlocked when you have reached a certain level. In each match, teammates will use a microphone and speaker system to chat and strategize together.

Rainbow Six Mobile

Intuitive control screen

Rainbow Six Mobile allows players to observe everything from a first-person perspective to create the most realistic feeling. On the control screen will appear keys to move direction, fire button, change ammunition and change position from standing to sitting or vice versa. Each person is allowed to carry a primary weapon and a pistol. In addition, you can use more stun bombs, smoke bombs, explosive bombs. The game allows you to customize the console to suit you best. Changing the size and position of each button is completely possible.

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