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Puzzle games always stimulate the brain and keep players engaged in the game world for hours. And DORADO MOD APK is such an interesting game. DORADO APK (Paid version) is available at our site, you just need to click on the link we provide to download this game to your device.



As a game from the publisher M9 Games, it can be said that DORADO is one of its most impressive puzzle games. The game attracts players with its Point & Click puzzle adventure gameplay and great graphic. When playing DORADO, you feel like you are lost in the world of video games in the 90s. Many quests and a series of mysteries are waiting for you to discover, as well as nostalgic memories of a glorious era of retro games.

Exciting, thrilling storyline

In a small town, a legend circulates. Legend has it that in the 1800s three brothers accidentally discovered an untapped mine in the heart of the New Mexico desert filled with a treasure trove of gold. Although a long time has passed, the other three brothers have also passed away, but rumors of a huge gold mine have spread everywhere for more than a century. Our main character is an adventurer who overheard that story. And with a heart full of enthusiasm for discovery, he decided to set out to find out if the huge gold treasure was real or not. He prepared for this journey thoroughly and as soon as he arrived in the desert, he immediately began searching for the desert.


But what the adventurer didn’t expect was that besides himself, there were many other people searching for treasure. And one of them is very greedy, not wanting to share the treasure with anyone. That was also the reason why the adventurer was caught without reason and locked up in a small prison. This prison is both large and murky, deserted and uninhabited. The adventurer doesn’t know if this prison is run or abandoned. To survive, the adventurer must use his brain to escape the prison and continue his journey of discovery.

Escape from the prison as quickly as possible

The first scene when you step into DORADO is the outside view of the prison. In fact, the prison looks old and small from the outside, but it turns out that the inside has many rooms and is as complicated as a miniature maze. Your goal is to explore the areas of the prison, collect hidden objects to be able to escape as quickly as possible. However, everything was easy, it was not a puzzle game. The rooms are not too large but old, moreover, the light in the room is not good, so sometimes you have to strain your eyes to find. And not only hard work can find hidden objects, but you also have to brainstorm to overcome the conundrums. I am quite impressed with the “find number” in DORADO, it took me about 15 minutes just to fiddle around or find the right four-digit number.

A few tips to pass DORADO

The tips that I share below seem quite simple but read on because maybe it will help you in certain levels. First of all, be very calm, mysterious objects will often be placed in drawers, under tables, and often in dark areas. In addition, puzzles require the use of the brain, you should first look around to see if there are any clues. There was a rather difficult level and I overcame it by looking for hints in the letters pinned on the wall.

Easy controls

DORADO mod apk for Android

Because DORADO is designed to play on phones, the developer has tried to minimize the control system. The player is easily accessible and there are two main ways to move in DORADO. The first way is that you can touch the screen directly, click on the positions you want to move to and it will automatically switch the scene for you. The second way is to use the arrows to move in the direction you need. In addition, if you are in the middle of exploring but you have an urgent business to go, don’t worry, DORADO has an auto-save mode. When you come back you just need to press the “continue” button to continue playing.

Great graphics

There are no words to disparage DORADO’s graphics. For me DORADO’s graphics are excellent. I like the classic atmosphere that the game brings. All are designed in 3D style, because it is a puzzle game, so it is more meticulous to every little detail. The background is designed to be large, revealing the desolate nature of an arid desert.

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