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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a superhero and saving the world? Continue the unfinished childhood dream by joining the adventures in Will Hero MOD APK. This game will turn you into a superhero with battles to protect humanity against many dark forces.

Introducing Will Hero

Will Hero is a game released by ZPLAY Games. Thanks to the entertaining action gameplay, the game has received a download of up to 10 million times and received thousands of positive reviews. Do you want to return to your childhood to become a brave hero, ready for the adventure to distant lands?

The war is for the brave

You will control your knight on his way through islands floating in the air, fighting with powerful and numerous enemies. Your only goal is to succeed at the finish line and rescue the beautiful princess. But this journey will not be easy and you have to unilaterally solve all problems. From the rugged terrain that puts you in danger of falling at any time to traps and enemies that are difficult to defeat. As the best knight in the kingdom, you will be able to overcome anything. All you need to do is touch the screen to jump up, tap to dodge and touch to attack the enemy. In addition, using weapons is also a way to help you finish off opponents quickly.

Explore many new islands

During this adventure, you will have the opportunity to explore many different islands as well as countless different dungeons. From tropical islands, ferocious pirates and indispensable to mention scary sharks are waiting to “eat” you. The integrated element of discovery has made Will Hero’s adventures much more engaging and enjoyable.

Extensive equipment

As a knight, it is indispensable to support additional weapons for battles against the enemy. At the beginning of your adventure, you will be equipped with some rudimentary weapons such as hammers, axes, swords,… But when you have accumulated a lot of gold, you can upgrade to increase the damage index. than. For example, the hammer after the upgrade will become super big,… Besides weapons, there are also quite unique hats that the player can collect.

In particular, Will Hero also has a huge tower where many mysterious and devastating spells are hidden. If you conquer this tower, your strength will increase dramatically.


Will Hero is designed with pixel graphics with bright colors. Background and characters are designed to be funny and cute, but the game is not for children under 7 years old.

Download Will Hero MOD APK for Android

Although the gameplay is somewhat simple, Will Hero is very addictive. Moreover, the story is attractive and you can play offline is the highlight of this game. If you are interested in Will Hero, download the MOD APK version that we provide to experience.

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