Fantastic Pets MOD APK v1.0.80 (Unlimited Money)

Update on October 25, 2023 (1 month ago)

Fantastic Pets MOD APK v1.0.80 (Unlimited Money)

Update on October 25, 2023 (1 month ago)

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Adventure to explore the world and own yourself with mythical pets in Fantastic Pets MOD APK. This is a game of the publisher Tilting Point that has a combination of many entertaining elements such as puzzles, pet evolution, learning new lands… It will definitely give you a great experience!

About Fantastic Pets MOD APK

The setting of Fantastic Pets is inspired by a magical world, full of magical wonders, and strange beasts that you may have seen for the first time. Before, the Fantastic world was a beautiful place where everything lived happily. But since the dark witches attacked and took over the islands and cities in the sky, everything turned dark. You will be the hero standing up to fight, overcome challenges to complete the noblest task of bringing back the magical world of Fantastic. Sounds fascinating, right? Hurry up to join!

Enter the dangerous world of magic

From the very first levels, Fantastic Pets will lead you to the plot of the game. You will hear a lot about your missions, how to play to cope with challenges. It can be said that the operation of this game is very simple. On each level, on the map, you will have to search for items of the same shape and color. Then drag and stack them into a trio, which will automatically combine to create a new, more advanced item. You will continue to do so until the most advanced item that is also the one you need to own appears. The rewards you will receive are gold coins, diamonds, beast evolution stones, and of course indispensable high-class and necessary items for the city you build.

Take back the lost islands

When the dark wizards invade the divided Fantastic City, they will be small floating islands. Corresponding to each divided and occupied small part are the challenges that you must overcome. The initial levels of Fantastic Pets will be very easy, in the later stages, you have to concentrate even more because the witches may arrange unrelated items for the purpose of jamming you. failed to complete the task. However, with a little patience and a sharp eye, you can completely succeed. The later rewards will also be more valuable, don’t be discouraged! The reward can even be to expand the land you own.

Rebuild the Fantastic City

From the beginning, as I said, you have to be the one to bring back the magical city of Fantastic. From the beginning, you will own a small piece of land, the more you win, the more this land will be expanded. Here, you are free to design and create your ideal city. Use items such as magic trees, gems, rockery, diamond statues… that you collect after winning stages and place them in any position you want. In addition, this is also a place for you to release your beasts, let them play and have fun living together. There is nothing more wonderful than owning a magical world created by your own hands. Fantastic Pets will not have any limits, feel free to express yourself.

Raise and evolve divine beasts

In Fantastic Pets, the beasts may not immediately appear in the rewards, they may just be unhatched eggs. You have to go through many levels, collect eggs of the same type and combine them together to create beautiful beasts. Each color gives birth to a different cute baby. But you can also evolve and level them up by matching beasts of the same type. Guaranteed the results will not let you down.

Item exchange

With each screenplay, Fantastic Pets will reward players with a lot of items. And sometimes you just can’t use them all. Do not let them lie idle in the inventory, bring them out to exchange for other more valuable items, or exchange them for gold and diamonds to serve a higher purpose later. Only by using gold coins or diamonds to shop in the shop can you get rare divine beasts like gem dragons.

Attractive graphics and sound

The graphics of Fantastic Pets are considered to be very beautiful. The drawings are detailed and smooth, and the colors used in the game are also very vivid. Fun sound, suitable for entertainment moments. Make players feel like they are in a real magical world.

To own unlimited gold coins, diamonds as well as beast evolution stones, try the Fantastic Pets MOD APK version that we provide, make sure you won’t encounter any limits, fully enjoy the game.

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