TerraGenesis: Landfall
TerraGenesis: Landfall

TerraGenesis: Landfall Mod APK v2.8 (Unlimited Credits)

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App Name TerraGenesis: Landfall
Mod Features Unlimited Credits
Version 2.8
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About TerraGenesis MOD APK

Are you a person who enjoys life on distant planets in the universe? If you really want to experience that feeling, you definitely cannot ignore TerraGenesis MOD APK. This is a simulation game. Players take the role of a leader to develop life on a planet other than Earth. Set in the future, humans are looking for other planets to inhabit such as Mars. The player must manage and research to develop the necessary resources, atmosphere as well as ensure the life of people and other animals. It’s like you’re building a whole new empire. I bet you will be excited by the vivid images and sounds of this game.

Set up base

For new players, TerraGenesis will lead you through a short story and walk through the basic quests you need to do. Rest assured you will have a technology assistant that contains a huge source of data about the planet where you need to start life. Build a base area first, this is where all the action takes place. In the beginning, you haven’t been able to recreate the atmosphere yet. Other planets like Mars are not yet completely safe to live in. Humans need to have an impact on it to develop life here. Later, the base will be expanded.

Conduct research and development

Of course, in the base that you have built, you must conduct research on how to create the atmosphere, nurture the genes of the animals and plants that have been brought up from Earth. One task that TerraGenesis also requires you to do is send detectors to find new resources. To sustain life here cannot rely solely on fuel brought up from Earth, it is absolutely not enough. Based on the items you have discovered, take it to the research room. TerraGenesis offers suggestions to lead players extremely attractive.

Regularly update new events

To unlock new item models, you must spend your resources. One way for you to get more valuable rewards is to participate in weekly and monthly events. TerraGenesis regularly introduces events with a special mission system. As players complete missions in turn, the rewards will increase. That is a great source of motivation to develop life for the people who trust you. Make their lives better than ever.

Download (283M)
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