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Gravity Project
App Name Gravity Project
MOD features God Mode
Version 1.7.1
Size 49M
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Updated on 06/08/2022 (1 week ago)
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About Gravity Project MOD APK

Gravity Project MOD APK is a game in the adventure game genre released by Alper Sarikaya. Here, you will show your running skills to complete different levels in the allotted time. With each challenge, you will encounter obstacles that prevent you from moving, so you can use the energy in your force to deftly overcome the barriers in the shortest amount of time. Since time is the deciding factor, you need to run as fast as possible. Collecting time units on the run also gives you more power to adjust the time to the finish.

Experience the gameplay running to infinity

The feature of Gravity Project is to experience the feeling of running to infinity. Here, you will have to try to overcome the obstacles in a certain amount of time to reach the end of the screen. Controlling the character in the game with just a few swipes (left, right, up and down) is very simple, the important thing is that you need to be quick and quick. With a 3D track design and a variety of quality spaces, you can observe what’s in front of you to dodge or pick up power-ups. Since this is a game that is different from other games of the same genre, it will have more interesting and strange features and characteristics. Your job is not to rush to run a long distance to the finish line to get the highest score, but to move skillfully across the barriers in the time specified by the game. If you don’t complete the level within the allotted time, you lose and have to start over. Therefore, you need to move smoothly on the track and adjust your running time properly.

Overcoming various barriers

Depending on the level of play, the game will have different levels of difficulty. However, on the way to the finish line, you will encounter many different types of obstacles that hinder your finish speed. It is possible that the red lasers are scattered on the routes, there are ways for you to dodge them, but most of all you should use gravity energy to make it easier to pass. If you let the laser hit a person, you will be deducted 2 seconds from the total allotted time and more than that it can make you stop right there. In addition to the lasers in the way, you will also be able to encounter time units on the routes. Pay attention to observe and move reasonably to collect them all to increase the time limit you have. The more time units you collect, the more reasonable you will be able to adjust the time to the finish line.

Use power-up items

In every game genre, power is always something that occupies an important role and position. With Gravity too, you should use the power you have to increase your running speed and save your travel time. The items collected on the run as well as being rewarded with good achievements after each stage are an addition to your strength. Powers are limited for a short time so you should use them in the context of need. It will dash all the obstacles in an instant and reach the finish line x times faster than normal speed. Combine your role-playing skills to become an excellent candidate in the Granvity Project.

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