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NBA All-World APK v1.14.5 (Latest Version) Download

NBA All-World APK v1.14.5 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 23-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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About NBA All-World

If you are a basketball enthusiast, you definitely cannot ignore NBA All-World APK. The game takes you to the world of professional basketball players. Not only meet, but you also role-play one of them to participate in the matches. To ensure the ability to control the player’s character, the game only organizes 1vs1 matches. The advantage of these matches is that players can observe the most intimate moments of the competition. Maybe you will learn a new skill and put it into practice. What would the life of a basketball star look like? Quickly join to know the answer. Our APK version gives you unlimited money, do whatever you want without limitation.

Change character interface

Each player will have a representative character in the game. NBA All-World takes the model of NBA basketball players to design these characters. They carry different stats of height, weight, technique and combat speed. What players can change here is their costumes and accessories when playing. You can wear anything you like, as long as it shows your personal style and makes you more confident. A good pair of shoes and a standard ball are important to a basketball player. Besides, the clothes are comfortable, the accessories are not too picky, causing problems when playing football.

Join exciting solo matches

As I introduced at the beginning, NBA All-World only hosts 1vs1 basketball games. Matches are also divided into halves and have limited time. During this time you have to do everything to score the most points. You will be challenged to fight with senior NBA players, gradually gaining experience for yourself. In the match, the two sides take turns to defend, protect the basket or attack and put the ball into the basket to score.

Sharp graphics

NBA All-World received a lot of praise for its graphics. The image of each character to the background of the playing field is invested with detailed drawings. The color scheme accentuates each combat moment. Although the resolution is high, the publisher ensures that the character’s movement is as smooth as possible. You can even see the character’s shadow on the field under the lights. The angle of view changes with each character’s movements for you to capture your best moments.

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