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Subway Surfers Mod APK is an extremely entertaining game with a super classic escape from the police of the street painting enthusiasts. The game is completely free and will bring many great experiences throughout the game screen.


Make the police angry with the game that playfully paints the walls near the railway tracks; you have to go through dangerous chases on the lanes of the tracks in Subway Surfers MOD APK. Beautiful game interface, constantly changing running track, variety of game support tools, become the fastest player and conquer all obstacles on the track by showing your hand muscle dexterity. me.


Freely control the character in the game by flexibly using your hand to swipe left, right, or slide up and down. Depending on the barriers and terrain on the way you are being chased, change the control method accordingly. Enter the lane with the most coins and the secret gift box to collect lots of bonuses and discover surprises in that secret gift box. The larger the bonus bag, the greater the opportunity to change the character and the easier it is to upgrade support tools. If you don’t want to be caught by the police, you have to dodge expertly before the speed of trains.


The running speed of the character in the game is increasing, so you have to focus on observing the obstacles on the way you escape. The faster you run, the easier it is for you to escape from the police, but you have difficulty controlling your speed as well as improvising quickly over obstacles, but still don’t forget to collect items and coins. The higher the challenge, the more opportunities you will have to increase your bonus bag.


On the way you are chased, there are many items that have the function to support you to collect a huge amount of coins or increase your running speed to keep your distance from the police. Items like U-magnets or magic rockets will help you get a bunch of coins in places you can’t easily get. Besides, the giant shoe item will also help you both increase your running speed and collect coins and many other items waiting for you to discover. Don’t miss any items on your run.


You need to choose the best running game character to run with you to escape from the crazy police who want to arrest you. Visit the game store to choose a character with a unique, unique fashion sense and have advantages that match your game strategy. The better the character, the more money you need to spend commensurate with the outstanding advantages of that character. In addition, you are also free to change the costume for the character that you feel suits the personality of the character you have chosen. Collect lots of coins to discover all the characters in the game.


A lot of super beautiful scenery will open the way you run away becomes more interesting. Not only the scenery on the train tracks but also the scenery of the beach and the bustling streets… The more you conquer the road to escape the police pursuit, the more you discover and get lost in the natural beauty. scenes from the game’s transitions. Beautiful colors and unique and diverse character creation will immerse you in this game.


Game sound effects make your chase more dramatic than ever. The sound of the train, the echo of the police, and the background music of the game… all make you feel very interesting when you get into your game. You are completely free to adjust the sound as you like to fully enjoy this exciting game.


You can play this game at any time you want to have fun and even when you don’t have a wifi connection. You still use the full functionality of this game but if you have a wifi connection then you will have a chance to increase your chances of survival and continue your level by watching a short promotional video. In case you do not have a wifi connection but still want to receive a chance to continue escaping, there is still a lucky key that you will collect on the way you escape.

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  • Experience the fun and challenging escape.
  • Admire the beautiful, colorful graphics.
  • Upgrade your game character to experience the difference in running speed and other special abilities.
  • Freedom to choose and design costumes for characters.
  • Great sound effects, play games anywhere, anytime.

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