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Version 1.5.04
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TEGRA Mod APK (Free Shopping) is a survival game in a strange, desolate land – where players help Alex overcome many difficult challenges and find materials for Alex to survive day by day when Alex escaped from this desolate place. TEGRA – Post Apocalypse Survival poses challenges that are both difficult and horror. You will face with Alex and fight to destroy the zombies that have lived for thousands of years in the desolate land with ready-made weapons. Besides fighting with hundreds of zombies in this survival game, you also have the task of leading Alex in search of water, food, and necessary items to fight all dangers. Become the best survival player in this challenging survival game.

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival


You will control Alex’s every movement during the search for necessary items, food sources and in the battle with zombies. Use the control button on the left side of the screen and move to the location where the item you are looking for is according to the available instructions that appear throughout the level. Each screen has its own requirements, your task must complete the requirements set out in each level. After completing the mission, you will collect a number of items with special features that cater to the more difficult levels.

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival


Every location you and Alex move to contains necessary items such as ropes, vermicelli, iron plates, backpacks, first aid bandages… You just need to click on the items to immediately add them to the inventory of Alex’s survival. These important items will help Alex survive during his adventure and survival in foreign lands. The use and time to use the above items are detailed by a secret guide; please follow the instructions properly so that the function of the item is used correctly to help Alex survive. until Alex returns to his city. Explore every location around, so you don’t miss any items.

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival


With each task set in each level, the system automatically updates the appropriate weapon for you to use to fight zombies as well as conveniently find items and food. Note that weapons have a limited use, so you need to be careful every time you use that weapon. For example: You use an ax to kill a cow to get meat, the number of times you attack it will be deducted once using the ax in the same game screen. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the appropriate use of weapons to collect items or kill zombies. You cannot use the ax to chop down a large rock to collect rocks, or you cannot use the gun to collect tree trunks for wood.

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival


Alex can soon be destroyed by zombies if carelessly attacked by zombies that Alex does not defend first. Once a zombie attacks and injures Alex, it loses a limited amount of Alex’s survivability. Therefore, you must always heed the warning of the secret guide to detect the number of zombies appearing at the location Alex is standing in order to use the appropriate weapons. In the event that the weapon does not need a respawn time, please immediately help Alex move quickly out of the danger zone.


In addition to discovering and collecting items and food from the location where Alex moves to, you can help Alex increase his inventory of survival items by killing animals in each level and killing zombies. Kill the animals in each level to collect meat and skins. Kill zombies to collect other necessary items in the survival journey.

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival


Possessing a large amount of bonuses after each level, upgrade Alex’s survival backpack with more special functional item sets. Survival backpack is a backpack that contains many item compartments so that you can collect more items in each level, in addition, the items in survival backpacks have some items available and will promote many other functions compared to other items. your collecting of each item in each level.


The items you have used and have a small amount in Alex’s survival backpack, you can completely regenerate them by combining with items together to restore other items. For example: You want to create a new ax, you must combine all four items as required, if one of the four items is missing, you cannot recycle the ax.

TEGRA-Post Apocalypse Survival


Help Alex build a new home to rest in this strange land. Choose a safe home to decorate with furniture and cooking supplies so Alex can recharge after an arduous adventure. Use furniture made from collected trees to build the most beautiful house.


  • Warehouse of diverse survival items, rich combat weapons.
  • Impressive 3D visual design brings an exciting and realistic feeling to the player.
  • Many difficult challenges with direct confrontation with many zombies.
  • Vivid sound effects help players hear each character’s sound clearly in the game.
  • Explore the beauty of a strange and mysterious land.
  • Upgrade combat weapons to destroy zombies and animals for meat.
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