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Mod Features Menu, God, Attack, Money
Version 1.2.6
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Zenonia has released the 5th version. Compared to other versions, Zenonia 4 Mod APK is greatly appreciated. Especially in terms of visual as well as gameplay. As a fan of the RPG series, you must definitely try this Zenonia version. Here is some information about the game I want to share with you.



It can be said that Zenonia is Gamevil’s best series game. Every new release has received great attention from the gaming community. As a game in the RPG genre, Zenonia’s 4th version received quite a lot of praise from players. Especially in terms of plot as well as images. Zenonia 4 is designed in Anime style with familiar colors, bold “cartoon”. However, this old-fashioned feature makes gamers feel attractive and interesting.

In this version, gamers will play a heroic hero fighting against evil, protecting the peace. With a diverse weapon system, impressive character classes, and a series of engaging missions, Zenonia 4 will bring you into a world with dramatic events, breathtaking battles, and suspense.


Ending part 3, the publisher continues to release the 4th version with the appearance of ancient bloodthirsty demons. The door between light and darkness once again opens, demons appear to threaten the peace, peaceful life of man. Their cruelty and brutal actions make the world stand on the brink of destruction.

Now, the ones who can stop the demons, protect the peace of humanity can only be heroes. All will have to join forces, use their abilities and will to fight the evil forces. And you are one of the heroes – the man humanity needs right now. Your mission is to save the world. This journey is extremely arduous, full of challenges, are you ready?



The gameplay of Zenonia 4 still retains the highlight of its predecessor. There are even more outstanding points. Join the game, you will officially play the role of the hero and accept the mission. In order for the story to run through a smooth and logical circuit, you need to complete and complete tasks every day. With a series of dangerous enemies, you need to control the character as well as apply tactics to fight the devil.

The task is getting more and more difficult, so you also need to upgrade your skills and strength. To do this, the simplest and most effective way is to complete the tasks. This is the basis for unlocking well-equipped, high-damage weapons to win against the enemy.

Graphics and sound


Zenonia 4 is highly appreciated in terms of visuals. Can clearly see the investment and attention to detail of the publisher Gamevil. Comments from players in the previous 3 versions in terms of visuals have been absorbed by Gamevil.

Although still classic 2D graphics, the lines are much more impressive and meticulous. The colors of the game are varied and bright. In addition, the skill system has also been significantly improved, with light effects, impressive moves.

Sound also contributes to increasing the feeling of gamers’ experience. Zenonia 4 is both playful, dramatic, and engaging thanks to its harmonious combination of sound and images.


Although not too outstanding compared to the previous 3 versions, but Zenonia 4 is still rated better. Therefore, if you want to experience Zenonia, you should not ignore this 4th version. Personally, I find Zenonia 4 very good value for money. What is the truth, please download and experience it to have the most objective reviews about the game.

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