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Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK v1.5.5a (Free Shopping)

Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK v1.5.5a (Free Shopping)

Updated: 08-10-2021 (3 years ago)
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After years of silence, the Brothers in Arms shooting super product has returned with the name Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK officially docking Android and iOS. Download follow the link we provide to experience this great Gameloft home.

Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK

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Introducing Brothers in Arms 3

After 9 years of fighting the virtual world with Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Arms 2, and many other great postings, Gameloft still decided to release a sequel to this World War II shooter game. This announcement has become a big wave in the Brothers in Arms game community in particular and the action-shooter genre in general. The game as soon as it launched has attracted a large reception with many positive reviews.


Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK

Brothers in Arms 3 remained focused on World War II battles, starting when the Allies landed on the coast of Normandy. With the mission to repel the Nazis right in France, you and Sergeant Wright and 12 more soldiers will fight together to win the frontline victory on this fierce, brutal battlefield.

Extremely attractive gameplay

No longer has the familiar FPS character, Brothers in Arms 3 will give players a unique team fighting style. Not only focus on the attack but now when fighting you must be more tactical. This makes the attacks become diverse, such as air raids, rockets, mortars, gas bombs,… Brothers in Arms 3 will give you a list of tasks to do. Complete as many tasks as possible to recruit new allies to stand side by side on the battlefield.

Besides the quests available, the game also regularly updates special events. The reward corresponds to the difficulty of the mission and the challenge also increases. This increases the player’s experience, increasing the sense of competition with opponents from all over the world.

More additions to the new version

If you are a fan of the Brothers in Arms series, you will easily realize that in part 3, you have switched to shooting action in the 3rd person, this helps the player’s vision more broadly. In addition, the feature of upgrading squads, upgrading weapons also becomes easier. Many weapon items are also updated diverse with many different models and types.

You also have teammates with specialized roles. You can use them as the “ultimate weapon” for times of emergency. When you defeat a large number of enemies, the icon in the bottom corner of the screen will be filled. This will allow you to call in the air force for reinforcements and blow up your enemies, even if they are hiding behind a solid barrier.


Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK

Brothers in Arms 3 offers players a huge arsenal of different types. Some of the commonly used weapons are SVT-40 for rifles, M1903, G-43 for sniper rifles, Sten, MP-40 for semi-automatic, M1941, FG-42 for light machine guns,…

Upgrades are the best way to increase the damage stats for your weapons. Brothers in Arms 3 allows players to upgrade varied from reload speed, rate of fire, ammunition reserve on each tape, limit recoil,…

Many new maps

Brothers in Arms 3 has a total of 4 types of maps, with each map being different missions. In addition, each map also has its own missions. For example, if you need to find a place to practice solo combat, then Claustrophobia is the best map. Increase your fighting and teamwork, you should try Afterman.


Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK

A fierce battlefield, foggy has been perfectly recreated at Brothers in Arms 3. Especially, the weather effect continuously changes from day to night in real-time to increase the authentic experience for players. Background, environment, characters are designed in vivid 3D style. Character movements when performing attacks, aiming is also optimized and smooth.

Download Brothers in Arms 3 MOD APK for Android

The success of Brothers in Arms 3 is not only thanks to the solid foundation of the previous version but also thanks to a host of great additions and improvements. I believe the game will not disappoint you, download it and feel it right away!

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