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Code: Replicant MOD APK v3.1.11 (Unlimited Points)

Code: Replicant MOD APK v3.1.11 (Unlimited Points)

Updated: 31-03-2022 (2 years ago)
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Code: Replicant
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Join an extremely fascinating story and solve the mystery in Code: Replicant MOD APK. This game belongs to the simulation genre because there are many splash elements, it is recommended to be suitable for ages 12 and up. Players will start their journey with a story that you are kidnapped. Then you will meet other characters and escape the kidnapping, find your way back to where you live. The Unlimited Points feature will help you easily overcome the challenge. Assure you our MOD version is the latest version and is for all Android mobile devices.



If you are a fan of storytelling games then you must definitely try Code: Replicant. I bet you will get caught up in that plot and only be able to get out once you have solved all the mysteries behind the kidnapping. Players will meet three boys with many different special abilities. They are the ones who support you to tackle challenges. Although it has only been released for a short time, Code: Replicant has attracted a certain number of fans, most of whom have left compliments.



The player plays a girl named Jessica, she will fall into a very special situation. One day, she is attacked by a mysterious organization and kidnapped to be brought back to headquarters. But fortunately, she narrowly escaped from the hands of the bad guys. However, she still wants to know why she was kidnapped and how to return to a normal life. So, she began her mysterious journey. At the same time, he also had to run away to avoid being caught by the other organization.


Jessica won’t be able to act alone, you’re still a little girl anyway. So, Code: Replicant will lead you to meet three boys who will help solve the mystery. At the same time, with their special ability, you will certainly be much safer. Those three characters are A-15, a soldier with a lot of combat experience, C-02, a guy with a strong personality and analytical talent, and finally Andrew, a spy. All three are very handsome, will Jessica fall in love in the process?



Because it’s a story-telling game, it’s easy to get boring if you just follow the storyline without the interaction between the characters or other activities. So Code: Replicant offers answers for every situation. You will be the one to give the answer. You should know that each answer will make the plot continue in a different direction. So how do you want your ending to be? To get the answer, you can only join Code: Replicant right away.

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