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Cyber City Knights MOD APK v3.1.11 (Free Premium Choices)

Cyber City Knights MOD APK v3.1.11 (Free Premium Choices)

Updated: 30-07-2022 (2 years ago)
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Cyber City Knights
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Download Cyber ​​City Knights MOD APK for Android to use free premium choices. Enjoy the thrilling story of fighting to protect corruption and bring back the city on the brink of disaster.

About Cyber ​​City Knights MOD APK

These days, simulation games are very diverse for you to choose from. Bringing situations in life in the most realistic way for players to feel. If you want to experience city detectives to find corrupt criminals then Cyber ​​City Knights game is for you. This game is developed by Genius, a publisher from Japan famous for its attractive simulation games.

In the past, you were quite familiar with dating simulation games, Cyber ​​City Knights is a whole new story. In a near future, the crimes in the city have spread uncontrollably. The most frightening thing is the life and safety of innocent people. Police officers have long since disappeared from the city and have been replaced by privatized knights.

Return to hometown with noble mission

Cyber ​​City Knights is a game based on suggested stories. Players only need to choose and give the right situations to find the clues, send criminals and corrupt people to prison. This could be your chance to show off your crime-solving abilities. Returning home after a long absence, the three boys Kohei, Shutaro, and Luke put on the shirt left by their father, performing a noble duty to bring Rinkai city back to its inherent tranquility, at the same time exposing the corrupt corruption of the state apparatus.


  • Kohei: Kohei is a big brother who is kind, always keeping an eye on people and helping those around him. Outwardly with a delicate and handsome face, he attracts a lot of affectionate eyes. He always welcomes you to Rinkai ward. Although he is busy with work, he is always ready to be by your side whenever something happens.
  • Shutaro: Shutaro is a guy with a beautiful soul and ideal. Shutaro is the type of person you always want to be with when things don’t go your way. The books he brings to you can help you pick yourself up after every fall. At the same time, he is also an ideal knight and takes on a mission from a rival corporation.
  • Luke: This is a mixed American and American guy. Japanese. He has a hobby of teasing employees who are not tech savvy. It can be said that this guy is a very funny person, always creating laughter for everyone around. The guy is also a good person and is always willing to help people. His abilities are important to solving the case, but his decency is not good for morale…

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