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They Are Coming MOD APK v1.22 (God Mode)

They Are Coming MOD APK v1.22 (God Mode)

Updated: 20-07-2024 (1 day ago)
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About They Are Coming MOD APK

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead series then I bet you also like They Are Coming MOD APK game. Here, the world has become chaotic. People are infected with the virus and become zombies. The undead have completely lost consciousness and will attack when they encounter any survivors. The player is one of the lucky ones alive, but you need to think about how to deal with the zombies. Use every weapon you have to take them down. The context of the game is constantly changing, the number of zombies is increasing. Do you have the confidence to overcome these challenges? Only on Google Play Store, this game has received 5M+ downloads proving its appeal.

Multiple game modes

They Are Coming Zombie Defense is divided into many modes including defending the city and shooting zombies, freely adjustable maps, using melee weapons or setting zombie traps, etc. Each mode has its own interesting points, let’s explore them in turn. For example, in the defensive castle mode, the player will stand behind the fence. Take advantage of your high position and use the sniper rifle to shoot the zombies. However, they can get more and more crowded due to the noise you make. So you can set traps like a pit, zombies are not aware and fall into the hole you create.

Collect your own arsenal of weapons

A rich treasure trove of weapons is waiting for you to discover. However, players are not fully provided at the beginning, but unlock each level in turn. This means that the higher the level, the more weapons you can own. It could be a gun, but it could also be an ax, a hammer, or a bomb. A smart player needs to know when participating in a mode, what type of weapon is most appropriate to use. You are not allowed to use them all in the same battle.

Unique graphics

The graphic style of They Are Coming MOD APK is pixel. Even the shape of the character, weapon or background is set up from squares. Although it is simple, it brings a fancy feeling, suitable for your relaxing time. Colors are fully coordinated in both light and dark colors, moving smoothly. The shape of the zombies is diverse because they in turn evolve into stronger types, the vitality is also more durable and if you get hit by their attack, you will definitely fail.

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