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Return to World War I with an extremely attractive war game – Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK. In this game, you will see fierce battles and participate in them in a completely new way. Click the Download button to download Valiant Hearts : The Great War and experience it right on your Android device.

Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK

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Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK

For veteran gamers who have fought on many platforms such as PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, the name Valiant Hearts is not too strange. Before being released by Ubisoft on mobile, the game was extremely successful and conquered a lot of gamers, even the most demanding ones. Not only that, but the game also received many awards including “Best Narrator” at The Game Awards 2014. So what is the difference between this mobile version for Android on other operating systems, let’s find out. through the article below.

 Storyline makes a difference

The point that makes Valiant Hearts: The Great War stand out from other war games is that it does not focus on violence, but instead, the game depicts the image of the spirit in a complete perspective. other. The levels in Valiant Hearts: The Great War often focus on describing the challenges and hardships faced by soldiers on both sides of the war. Story of Valiant Hearts : The Great War is unique thanks to the simulation based on the real stories of this war period. Those are letters and confessions of real characters who are going through hard days on the battlefield.

An historical game

Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK

Valiant Hearts : The Great War is not only an entertaining puzzle game, you also learn a lot more by experiencing this game. Historical stories in this gloomy period are faithfully reproduced. You will experience these stories from the perspective of each character, opening up more unique aspects. The assassination of the crown prince of Austria in 1914 sparked a war between the two countries of Serbia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, beginning World War I. The other countries quickly formed opposing parties and established an axis of war. The main character in Valiant Hearts : The Great War is Karl – a German citizen living in France. Karl is in a peaceful family, beautiful French wife Marie and a son named Vitor. However, because France and Germany belonged to two different factions, Karl was expelled from France and forced to join the German army. On the fierce battlefield, Karl was forced to find ways to survive as well as his desire to return to his small family.

Attractive puzzle adventure gameplay

Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK

In Valiant Hearts : The Great War, you will play the role of a soldier on a battlefield mission. However, you do not need to hold a gun to fight, but instead will move through the battlefields and solve puzzles. World War I stretched from France to Germany, you will pass through the ruined fronts, dust, and mines everywhere. Use items you pick up along the way to solve problems getting in your way to the finish line.

The puzzles in Valiant Hearts : The Great War are not that difficult. You just need to be a little skillful to be able to complete them. Perhaps what the publisher wants to give you is not the conundrum that makes you think, but wants you to experience the emotions down the game’s plot.

In this game apart from the protagonist Karl, the player also meets many other supporting characters that play an important role in the storyline. That is Emile – Karl’s father-in-law is also participating in the French army, Freddie – an American volunteer to join the French army, Anna – young nurse serving in the army,… etc

Download Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK for Android

We all know wars in the past were all meaningless, bringing only loss and pain. Through Valiant Hearts : The Great War, we understand more and more about the crimes of war. As well as realizing that there are still many beautiful stories, extraordinary aspirations to live in this bloody, bomb-like battlefield.

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