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If you do not know what to play in your free time, Stickman Master: Archer Legends MOD APK is a not bad choice. Download the MOD unlimited money version for Android here.

Stickman Master: Archer Legends MOD APK

In this article, we want to give players the MOD version of Stickman Master. In the MOD version, you will have a lot of money to unlock items and upgrade weapons.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money.
Stickman Master MOD APK

Stickman Master: Archer Legends is a stickman game released by Loongcheer Game. Perhaps we have come across a lot of stickman games with typical gameplay like Stick War: Legacy. Today we want to bring you a whole new option which is Stickman Master: Archer Legends. Find out about this game in our article.


Join the game, players will be transformed into the prince of the kingdom of Stickman. When you learn that your kingdom is under attack from traitors, you are determined to fight against those evil stickman and save your kingdom. Equip yourself with a shield, a bow, and start the battle. Beat all the traitors and kill the boss behind them.


Stickman Master gameplay

The gameplay of Stickman Master is very simple. Players need to fight against evil stick man. The bow and shield are the only weapons you can use. Players only need to slide their finger on the screen to control the angle of the shot. Each stickman’s name also has a certain health index. If you hit them, it can take up to 2 arrows to take down. However, if you are lucky enough to hit the head, you will only need 1 arrow to defeat him.

Of course, the stick people won’t let you shoot. They are also equipped with shields and bows to fight you. Moreover, some people also have the skill to throw fireballs that cause you to lose a lot of blood. If you hit the half orbs, it can explode and cause damage to those in range.

In the early stages of the game, the number of stick man kill will not be much. However, the more they later appear, the more they appear at a dizzying speed. Fortunately, the number of bows and arrows you can use is limitless. Players can continuously pull bows to destroy them. After a while, you will be confronted with brutal Bosses. They were large in size and had a larger amount of blood than the stick man. Use your dexterity and speed to defeat the evil boss.

Items and upgrades

Stickman Master MOD APK items

In Stickman Master, there are some player items that can be upgraded: weapons, shields, helmets and accessories on the body like cloaks. You can upgrade your helmets, shields, and weapons for better damage and resistance. Moreover, you can also increase the power of your character. Open the gift boxes by watching the promo you can also get more new weapons and accessories.

Download Stickman Master MOD APK for Android

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